Water Affects our Moods

Think back to the last time you were walking along the beach, or stood by a powerful waterfall, or even looked out at the calmness of a lake. Now remember how you felt in that moment… peaceful, relaxed, tranquil. There has been a scientific link to being around water and how it affects our minds in a positive way. What do you think exactly is going on in your brain when your out on the boat enjoying the water?

Being by the water is like a vacation for our brains. Our minds are at a constant state of over-stimulation on a daily basis. Work, bills, social media, health, etc… the list goes on. These are just a few of the things we focus on or stress over at any given minute. Seeing, feeling, and even hearing the sounds of water puts our minds into a relaxed or hypnotic-like state, and one benefit of this being a different way that our brain processes thoughts.

The impact of the rivers, lakes, and the ocean on our happiness and well-being is being researched much more by neuro-scientists and psychologists, and is often referred to as “Blue Space.” Among the many benefits of being around water, one of the most interesting is, “water gives us the sense of awe!” The emotion of awe contributes tremendously to our happiness because it not only allows us to be in the present moment, but it invokes a feeling of being humble, feelings of a connection to something beyond ourselves.

So take a moment this weekend, after work or whenever you can, and get out on the water. Take a walk along the beach, go for a sunset cruise on your boat and enjoy the moment.


October 10th is #WorldMentalHealthDay, which is a cause that we all should be aware of! If something as simple as being around a body of water (which; lets face it, is why were all here) can help our moods and our minds, then lets spread the word and get out on the water!!