Windermere Boat Parade

12th Annual Windermere Boat Parade

Windermere Boat Parade

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The Windermere Boat Parade starts in Lake Butler by Bird Island and the parade route travels along the East side of Lake Butler to Wauseon Bay and into Little Wauseon Bay and back out.

PLEASE keep your boat in SLOW speeds, even when the parade is over. We are all out to enjoy the evening and rouge large wakes at night can cause problems especially for smaller water craft.

Parade Route Map

Windermere Police with the Town Mayor will be leading the parade. For the START of the parade, we circle around the West side of Bird Island to create a START effect for the people viewing from their homes on Main Street and for the Town Dock.

There are two viewing areas of the Windermere Boat Parade. Town Boat ramp and Boat Dock on Lake Butler by Palmer Park.

Parade Viewing Areas

Town Boat Ramp. No parking at the boat ramp. You may park at the Library, 2 blocks away… Please be careful for trucks/boats being launched into the lake for parade.

Palmer Park. Parking right there at the park. Please do not trespass on private property.


LED Lights: LED Lights are a must for your boat! This will help keep your boat from shutting down during the parade…happen to me in past parades… not fun.

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