Always File a Float Plan!

Tuesday, September 12, 2023
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At Regal & Nautique of Orlando, we believe boating safety should always be a top priority. One important safety measure that often gets overlooked includes filing a float plan.

What is a Float Plan?

A float plan is a simple document that provides essential information about your planned boating trip. It typically includes your boat's description, scheduled departure and return times, planned route, and complete passenger details. You can download an online template provided by boating safety organizations like the US Coast Guard, or you can create your own version, so long as relevant information is captured.

A float plan allows your contact to provide vital information to authorities should you not return from your boating adventure as scheduled. Having this detailed information handy and readily available saves valuable time and provides necessary data for your party to be found. Time is of the essence in emergencies: the float plan expedites search and rescue efforts, increasing your chances of a swift and safe rescue.

IMPORTANT: Always leave a copy of your float plan with a trusted and reliable family member or friend who knows when to alert authorities if you’re overdue. 

Float Plan Content

  1. Include your boat brand, model, registration number and onboard equipment.
  2. Include your departure date and time, expected return date
  3. Include details of your planned route.
  4. Include the name and contact information including emergency contacts for ALL passengers.
  5. Be sure to include any/all onboard communication equipment and frequency, i.e. VHF radios, cell phones, etc.
  6. Include the contact information for local authorities including the Coast Guard.
  7. If for any reason you make changes to your boating plans, be sure to advise the individual you’ve entrusted with updates.

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