Creating Fun Memories with Family & Friends!

Tuesday, September 12, 2023
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If you’ve stashed the watersports gear for the day and are just looking for something fun to keep the kids and friends engaged, here are some entertaining options.

  • Bring along those fun lily pads, water toys, spray guns and soakers for a fun splash party!
  • Pull up to a beach and go exploring on a nature walk.
  • Have a family sandcastle contest!
  • Bring a deck of cards like UNO, or a fun board game.
  • Create a scavenger hunt with clues related to items or landmarks you might encounter on your boat trip. Work individually or as teams to discover hidden treasures!
  • “I spy with my little eye” – take turns with different people identifying an object and letting others guess it.
  • Before your adventure, create a simple set of bingo cards featuring items you're likely to spot in the natural surroundings where you go boating. First person to spot all the items and shout "Bingo!" wins.
  • One-word stories are always a blast … each person contributes one word and the group attempts to tell a cohesive story until two people conclude with “the” and “end.”
  • Bring along the portable karaoke machine or use a smartphone app and belt out your favorite boating tunes!

Boating is great for bonding and creates unique opportunities to bring family and friends together. A little planning in advance can totally enhance the enjoyment of your boating adventures!

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