Cruising with Care: Why Being Eco-Friendly on the Water Matters

Wednesday, May 15, 2024
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Imagine, you’re taking your boat onto the lake for a sunset cruise, taking in the sun’s reflection as it glimmers over the water and feeling the peace of nature all around. Those magical moments of pure Zen on the water depend on us keeping our waterways healthy. Being a captain or a boating passenger comes with a big responsibility: protecting our waterways for those special moments.

When we’re out on the water, we and our boats, can leave a trail of pollution – think spilled gas and tossed trash. That's why boaters need to be mindful of how our boating adventures affect the delicate underwater ecosystem. 

Why it Matters: Keeping Our Water Playgrounds Thriving 

Every splash we make has a ripple effect. Fuel spills, leftover snacks, and loud noises can disrupt the delicate balance of marine life. Fish need to breathe clean water and baby manatees don't appreciate plastic toys floating around their nursery. By being mindful boaters, we can keep our watery playgrounds healthy for everyone to enjoy.

Here's how you can be a champion for our waterways: 

  • Pack it In, Pack it Out: Just like you wouldn't trash your living room, don't toss wrappers or cans overboard. Bring a reusable bag for your trash to properly dispose of when you get back on land.
  • Fuel Up Wisely: Accidents happen but be prepared! Use a drip pan when refueling and know how to contain spills. 
  • Clean Green: Ditch harsh chemicals for eco-friendly cleaning products. Your boat will sparkle, and the fish will thank you. 
  • Respect the Wildlife: Give manatees & alligators plenty of space. Avoid areas with seagrass meadows, and never feed wild animals – it disrupts their natural diet. 
  • Anchor Away from the Important Stuff: Research sensitive habitats before you drop anchor in sandy areas. 
  • Spread the Word: Share your eco-friendly boating tips with your fellow captains! The more we practice environmental stewardship, the healthier our waterways will be. 
Every Day is Earth Day on the Water

By following these tips, we can all be responsible boaters who leave a positive wake. So, let's be mindful captains, have fun exploring, and protect the amazing underwater world for years to come. 

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