SOS: Hurricane Planning and Preparation

Wednesday, July 12, 2023
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Living in Central Florida offers the best of beautiful, year ‘round boating with an abundance of sunny days and blue skies … perfect conditions for enjoying the sport and lifestyle. However, boaters living in the Sunshine State also expect to encounter occasional heavy storms or challenging hurricane conditions in our annual weather forecast.

RNO is pleased to share important best practices specifically related to storm and hurricane prep for our customers and boat owners. If a major storm or named hurricane is brewing, here are some key tips from our team to help you prepare for and protect your investment.


First, let’s address advance prep strategies for those of you who keep your boat at your dock, in a boathouse.

  • If your boat has a tower, be sure to lower it and the bimini top so you can lift your boat and secure it up and out of the water.
  • Secondly, strap and/or CROSS TIE off all four corners of the boat cradle to the dock posts, to keep it as secure as possible, making it less vulnerable to potentially shifting wind conditions.
  • Always be sure to leave your drain plug in the boat … and keep your battery switch turned on.
  • Raise your boat as high as possible in the boat house to prevent it from being impacted by rising storm waters.
  • After your boat prep is complete, turn off the main power to the dock.
  • Finally, take a good look at the boathouse area. Be sure to remove any loose objects such as dock boxes, paddleboards or other equipment or gear that could potentially cause damage in strong wind or water conditions.


If you keep your boat on a trailer, here are some specific hurricane strategies for your consideration. 

  • First, pull the drain plug and secure it in a safe place.
  • Next, remove and stow or secure your bimini top and bimini cover to a protected area, such as a garage.
  • Remove or stow any loose items in the boat.
  • Securely cover your boat with its canvas top(s).
  • Strategically choose in advance exactly where you will park your trailered boat, preferably in a secure spot free of trees and/or other objects including potentially dangerous projectiles.
  • Once you’re parked your boat, then chock your trailer wheels.


Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your boat for a major storm or hurricane when you’re likely having to deal with other household concerns and issues. Having a strategy and game plan in place and securing your boat as soon as possible will help provide peace of mind when the storms arise; and they will.

As a strong advocate of boating safety, Team RNO hopes this blog will be valuable to you and your family. As always, we welcome your input on this topic and/or future blogs featured in our website’s Boaters Lounge: Blog | Orlando Nautique (orlandonautiques.com)

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